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Personalised Port The Ultimate Thank You Gift for Men
It seems that Personalised Port is a very popular thank you gift idea - read why here!
Bridesmaid Gifts
Give personalised bridesmaid gifts as special presents to say thank you.
Bridesmaid Gifts With Free UK Delivery
Give bridesmaids gifts as thank you gifts for bridemaids, all with FREE UK delivery.
Mother of the Bride Gift Ideas
A few gift ideas to say thank you to the mother of the bride.
Responsibilities of the Best Man and Best Man Gift Ideas
If you have been lucky enough to be asked to be bestman at a wedding, then that really is a great honour. Not only is it a great honour but it is also a lot of responsibility too. There are certai duties that you will have as the best man that you will have no choice to perform, there are other however that you should do, because it is just helpfu...
Usher Duties and Usher Gift Ideas
Find out usher duties and have a look at a range of usher gifts to give as thank you wedding gifts.
Wedding Present Ideas
Wedding Present Ideas, search for the perfect wedding gift.
Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Bridesmaids Gifts

Today it's all about bridesmaids. When you get married you will choose your bridesmaids and they will be with you the whole time until your big day... supporting you and making sure that you day runs smoothly. When you ask someone t...
Engraved Glasses as Wedding and Thank You Wedding Gifts
You may remember us mentioning that every week we were going to focus on particular personalised wedding gifts that you can give to friends and family either as wedding gifts, or as personalised thank you gifts. This week, we would like to showcase our wonderful selection of
Engraved Compact Mirrors as Wedding Gifts
Many women have a compact mirror in their handbag, however, does she have engraved compact mirrors in her handbag? If you know a girl who is not lucky to have one, then view the massive selection.

Personalisation is bang on trend at the mom...
Wedding Frames for Thank You Wedding Gifts
When I got married a few years ago, I really found it hard when searching for thank you wedding gifts to give to my friends and family members. I wanted to give each person who helped me make my wedding day the best time of my life something personal and sp...
Champagne Gifts for Your Wedding
Do you want to give an extra special wedding gift to your partner, some friends or relatives? Wedding gifts that are romantic or unusual perhaps? If this is the case, then give a champagne gift for sure. We know that gifts of champagne are always well received. Even if the bride and groom are not big drinkers a bottle of personalised champagne or ...
Gorgeous Thank You Wedding Gifts
Take the struggle out of organising a wedding, but in particular take the struggle out of finding fantastic thank wedding gifts available at WeddingGifts2U. We have a wide selection of personalised gifts, wedding favours and engraved gifts which will suit any wedding and any ...
Personalised Bridal Gifts
Obviously, the bride is the most important member of the bridal party on her wedding day and so it is important to find the right gift for her. Fortunately pleasing the bride need not be a stressful task. In fact, shopping for a bridal gift has just been made a lot easier with the selection of personalised wedding gifts. Our groom gifts range from the unique and unusual to the traditional. We have great gifts for your bridesmaid. These thoughtful bridesmaid gifts are a great way to say thank you for all of the help and support your bridesmaid will give on your big day.

Brand ...

Great Best Man Gifts
At WeddingGifts2U we have a fantastic selection of Best Man Gifts, including engraved gifts, personalised gifts and bottle gifts.

We have a great selection of high quality gifts, which can be personalised for the best man at your wedding. For the drinkin...
Best Gifts for Best Man
Giving a token to show your appreciation is lovely. Give Best Man Gifts that you can afford though. See our ideas here.
Personalised Bridesmaid Gifts
When it comes to weddings, the bridesmaids and the maid of honour help the bride to prepare for her big day; which involves little things from holding the bouquet when she gets tired, to lifting up her wedding dress when she needs to pee, but can’t do it herself! These small, but helpful deeds show exactly why the bride has chosen these special fri...
Personalised Photo Gifts for Brides and Groom
Want to give wedding gifts for bride and groom with a wow factor? Give a personalised photo gift. When we say personalised photo gifts what do we mean? The opportunities for personalised phot...
Wine as Personalised Wedding Gifts
If you attend a wedding, it is expected that you will bring along a wedding present as a token and gesture of goodwill towards the happy couple. Most couples tend to organise a wedding gift list for the guests in order to make it easier for them to find a wedding present that the bride and groom will be able to use. However, some guests often like ...
Engraved Champagne Flutes for Wedding Gifts
Generally there are many weddings in the UK every single year and unless you buy a present that is on the couple’s wedding gift list, it can be quite difficult to find wedding gifts for all your friends and family that are original and unique. Engraved champagne flutes, are however are both completely original and totally unique.

In term...
Engraved Champagne a Unique Wedding Gift
Often champagne is overlooked as a wedding present, mainly because it could be seen as unaffordable. On the other hand, we feel that a wedding champagne gift should be affordable and so all of our champagne gifts including personalised champagne, wedding champagne gift sets and engraved champagne are all reasonably priced and competitive wit...
Engraved Pens for Personalised Gifts
Engraved pens make a wonderful gift for both men and women. The pen is practical and useful to almost everyone and the engraving makes the gift meaningful and special. It is particularly great for writers as a writing gift.

When you select a pen for engraving, it is tempting to select a well-known and expensive brand such as Cross or Wat...
Wine for Groom Gifts
What wedding gift should I give to the groom to be? This is a question that could pose a problem for many brides out there. We believe you would want to give groom gifts that he will be really happy with and therefore one of our suggestions for the perfect romantic groom gifts would be a wine gift. Now, we know you can get bottles of wine in the su...
Bride and Groom Wedding Frames
Ever thought about giving a wedding gift that will last and last through the years, but not exactly sure what to present? Have you considered an engraved frame? Engraved wedding frames make perfect wedding gifts for the bride and groom, because they are personalised in two ways. This including the personalised message you would write on the engrave...
Best Gifts for Bride
In today’s society, finding wedding gifts is an ever increasing challenge. The internet, many high street shops and department stores offer a wide range of wedding gifts, some even offer you too much choice at a budget, which can often be breaking the bank or at the very least difficult to afford. If you would like to give personalised wedding gift...
Top Engraved Wedding Frames
So, are you finding yourself stuck on what type of wedding gift to get for friends or family members who are soon to be married? If you are and are perhaps looking for some inspiration then let us as WeddingGifts2U help you out!

Don’t fret about looking too far afield from right where you are at precisely this moment for the perfect wedd...
Engraved Thank You Wedding Gifts For Page Boys and Flower Girls
If you have a page boy or flower girl at your wedding, it is traditional to buy a small thank you gift for each of them. The gift needs to be appropriate for their age, but also something thoughtful and special that they can treasure as a reminder of their special day. We recommend an engraved pen set, which they can treasure for a lifetime. Read o...
How to Give Engraved Flutes as Bride and Groom Gifts
Engraved champagne flutes are the perfect addition to any wedding. There are a number of ways to give engraved flutes sets or even just a single personalised champagne flute if you are looking for very affordable wedding flutes. Engraved wedding flutes make for ideal engraved gifts to give as a wedding presents to the bride and groom or thank you w...
How to Give a Wedding Champagne Gift
This weekend, I attended one of my best friend’s weddings. As usual I left my wedding gifts shopping until pretty much the last minute, despite having a massive resource of wedding gifts available right at my fingertips. Whilst looking through the lovely collection of all things weddi...
Top 5 Wedding Gifts Under 20 Pounds
It’s hard these days to find unusual wedding gifts for under £20 – especially if you want a wedding gift that is personalised to make it extra special. Forget run-of-the-mill wedding gifts this year and go for a gift that shows how much you care. Read on for our Top 5 wedding gifts for under £20...

# 5: Personalised Vodka and Whisky – fr...
Engraved Gifts for the Groom and Stags on the Stag Weekend
These days a stag night is often considered ‘old hat’, or at least a bit tame. Stag weekends are all the rage, with many companies specialising in organising the whole shebang for you – at a price, of course.

With our help, the best man can arrange the stag weekend from start to finish himself as well as get some great engraved gifts for...
Thank You Wedding Gifts for Bridesmaids
If you are looking for a special thank you wedding gift for bridesmaids, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever relationship you have with your bridesmaid, whatever her likes and dislikes, there are some great thank you gift ideas for her right here. Follow our guide to the best thank you wedding gifts for bridesmaids around...

Champagne G...

Unusual Wedding Presents
If you are tasked with buying a wedding present and want something a little more unusual than a cutlery set or a slow cooker, look no further. Our guide to the most unusual wedding presents and personalised wedding gifts will give you plenty of ideas – you’ll be spoiled for choice...

Engraved Wedding Gifts

For an unusual ...
Indian Wedding Gift Ideas
As the summer approaches we know that wedding season is here and lots of us as invited to a number of weddings each year and we can often get stuck when it comes to buying the wedding gift! I've been to number of weddings this summer (and it's not over yet).. for some reason everyone has chosen this yea...
Engraved Gifts for Ushers
If you have ushers who have spent time and effort seating your guests, then we think getting usher gifts for them is a great way to go to show your appreciation. We don’t mean boring things or traditional things, we mean personalised gifts or engraved gifts, such as personalised pens or engraved pen sets, which look great and more importantly can b...
Bride Gifts for Her
The bride is the special lady on her wedding day, and she deserves a bride gift that will always remind her of this wonderful day. Gifts for brides need to be well-thought out, personal, and memorable, it doesn't matter what the budget.

Keep on reading for our best bride gift ideas including personalised bride gifts and engraved gifts f...
Engraved Gifts as Thank You Wedding Gifts For Page Boys
If you have a page boy or flower girl at your wedding, it is traditional to buy a small thank you wedding gift for each of them. The thank you gift needs to be appropriate for their age, but also something thoughtful and special that they can treasure as a reminder of their special day. We recommend engraved gifts, for example an engraved pen set, ...
Engraved Bridegroom Wedding Gifts
If you are looking for a special bridegroom gifts then you’ve come to the right place. Whether the groom is young at heart, or would prefer more traditional groom gifts, there are some great wedding gift ideas for him right here. Think about how best to show him you care by finding a groom gift that is truly personal. Read on for our guide to the m...
Thank You Wedding Champagne Gifts
If you are looking for special thank you wedding champagne gifts to give to members of your bridal party, then you’ve come to the right place. Whichever member of the bridal party you are trying to find a thank you wedding champagne gift for (obviously excluding the page boy and flower girl!) there are some great ideas right here. Follow our guide ...
Why Give Wedding Frames as Wedding Gifts
A wedding frame is a very versatile gift for weddings and this is why you will find a large selection of engraved wedding frames to choose from. Engraved wedding frames are perfect as gifts for the bride and groom, because they are thoughtful.

Why Give a Wedding Frame?

Wedding frames allow you to store the memories and moments captured ...
Thank You Gifts For Girls
If you have a flower girl at your wedding, it is traditional to buy a small thank you gift for each of them. The thank you wedding gift needs to be appropriate for their age, but also something thoughtful and special that they can treasure as a reminder of their special day. Read on for our top thank you gift ideas for flower girls...

Gifts ...

Engraved Bridegroom Wedding Gifts
If you are looking for a special bridegroom gifts then you’ve come to the right place. Whether the groom is young at heart, or would prefer more traditional groom gifts, there are some great wedding gift ideas for him right here. Think about how best to show him you care by finding a groom gift that is truly personal. Read on for our guide to the m...
Mother of The Bride Gifts and Her Responsibilities
The mother of the bride has an important role to play in the entire wedding, from the day her daughter announces the wedding to the moment the bride and groom leave for their honeymoon. Read on for our essential guide to being the mother of the bride, as well as mother of the bride gifts including personalised photo gifts, such as engraved photo fr...
Hen Party Ideas and No Other Hen Gifts as Engraved Flutes
As it usually falls to the chief bridesmaid or maid of honour to organise the hen party, this fun event can sometimes cause a lot of stress: how can the bridesmaid arrange a fantastic party within everyone’s budget with fun activities for the day and night, as well as organise the hen party gifts and keep the bride happy at the same time? Nobody se...
Personalised Best Man Gifts
If you are searching to buy Best Man Gifts that are a little bit special, it is definitely worth considering personalised gifts. Read some ideas here!
Personalised Bride Gifts
Her wedding day will be one of the best – if not the best – day of a bride’s life. She deserves a gift that will always remind her of this special day. A bride gift needs to be well-thought out, personal, and memorable – whatever your budget.

Read on for our top ideas for fantastic bride gifts including personalised bride gifts and engr...
Groom Gifts and Stag Nights
Traditionally, the planning of the stag night is the responsibility of the best man – but these days the planning of the day tasks and the groom gifts can just as easily fall to friends and family of the groom. The stag night is all about celebrating that all-important last night (days, months or weeks) of freedom and giving of a great groom to be ...
Engraved Gifts for the Groom and Stags on the Stag Weekend
These days a stag night is often considered ‘old hat’, or at least a bit tame. Stag weekends are all the rage, with many companies specialising in organising the whole shebang for you – at a price, of course.

With our help, the best man can arrange the stag weekend from start to finish himself as well as get some great engraved gifts for...
Hen Weekends and Champagne Gifts
These days a hen night is often considered ‘old hat’, or at least a bit tame. Hen weekends are all the rage, with many companies specialising in organising the whole shebang for you – at a price, of course.

With our help, the chief bridesmaid can arrange a hen weekend including the champagne gifts for the members of the hen party and a h...
How To Be A Great Best Man to the Groom
Being asked to be the best man is a real honour – one that should be taken seriously as there are many important duties to perform. The best man is usually someone close to the groom – a brother or very close friend, often a friend since childhood – and as such his involvement with the wedding, and his support of the marriage, is really important t...
Champagne Sets make Special Wedding Gifts
It is often difficult to find a wedding gift to match a wedding couple’s taste or requirements, so if you are finding it hard to find the perfect wedding gift for the bride, groom or the bride and groom (excluding what’s on their wedding gift list) then look no further than a champagne gift set. Champagne gifts are well associated special occasions...
Wedding Wine Tips
Weddings are pretty special and often quite expensive affairs, especially if you have many wedding guests and a large family who make up the bridal party. If you are having a sit down meal, you will probably need some wedding wine for your guests to enjoy, obviously all the guests except Muslims, expectant mothers and the designated driver of cours...
Say Thank You with an Engraved Pen
If you want to give a special thank you gift that stands apart from the rest to members of your bridal party to say thanks, then an engraved pen is a unique and affordable way to do it. Engraved pens are thoughtful, because they show you have taken time and trouble thinking of a message to put on them rather than just buying a fountain pen or somet...
Give Engraved Flutes as Personalised Wedding Gifts
You may have got your wedding invitation months ago, but that often doesn't stop you buying your wedding gift for the bride and groom at the last minute. That along with finding the perfect outfit with a matching bag, (stylish) shoes and accessories. Unfortunately, we can’t help you much with the outfit (unless you're a guy and looking for engraved...
Champagne Gifts as Romantic Wedding Gifts
If you are looking for a romantic wedding gift for your bride to be or groom to be, then you are in the right place. No matter whether you are searching for champagne gifts to give before your wedding, to toast an engagement perhaps, on the evening of your wedding to celebrate your wedding night many of our champagne gifts are what you should be gi...
Why Give Engraved Pens as Wedding Gifts
Many producers of engraved gifts offer a large range of engraved pen gifts or personalised pens, featuring your own personalised message, which are sure to be admired by everyone. Engraved pens offer many advantages over some other engraved gifts, especially as wedding gifts or thank you wedding presents. They are available at affordable prices, bu...
How to Choose Wedding Frames for Wedding Photos
Storing and presenting your wedding photos after the wedding day may possibly be a big priority for the bride and groom. Spending a little bit of time to choosing the correct photo frame or engraved frames to store your wedding photos properly will ensure that the memories from your wedding day are well preserved and well protected for many years t...
Top 3 Champagne Gifts for Groom
The groom is a pretty vital part of a wedding, because without him and the bride there wouldn’t really be a ceremony or anything to celebrate!

We reckon the bride groom deserves a special gift on this exceptional day; after all he’s making a huge commitment and we think it’s worth celebrating. What’s more celebrations are often linked to...
Groom Wedding Gifts
It is sometimes said that the groom is hard to buy presents for – each birthday and Christmas he often receives ridiculous amounts of socks, ties and aftershave sets. For a special gift for the wedding groom, however, you’ll need to be a little more creative. A groom gift needs to be a well-thought out, memorable and even personalised gift – whatev...
Champagne Gifts as Wedding Gift Ideas
When wedding planning, it is a modern tradition for couples to make a list of wedding gift ideas they'd love to receive, which makes it very simple for wedding guests to spend their well earned cash on something the bride and groom want or need. Although a wedding gift list is something that the bride and groom do often make, it is also not compuls...
Choosing Your Bridesmaid, Flower Girl and Maid Of Honour
Part of the fun of being a bride is getting to choose a bridesmaid to share in the fun and joy of the wedding. You can, in theory, have as many bridesmaids as you like, but any number between one and four is about right. If you have more than one bridesmaid you may want to ask one to act as chief bridesmaid or maid of honour. It’s also common to ha...
Celebrate a Wedding with Engraved Flutes
Celebrating a wedding is supposed to be a happy and joyful occasion full of smiles and laughter, photos and cake, cards and wedding gifts. If the wedding is going as well as it should, the smiles and laughter, the photos and (eating of the) cake will take care of themselves, leaving only the card and gift for you to take care of.

How to Shop for a Champagne Flutes Set
If you delight in drinking sparkling wine and champagne after a hard day’s work, or in the evening at a dinner party with friends, well you may enjoy it even more when the bubbly you are drinking is served from the right flutes set. Each champagne flutes set varies in terms of the style of champagne glass and number of glasses contained within them...
Wedding Gift Ideas with Engraved Flutes
Weddings are a very special time in the lives of couples who have committed in sickness and in health to share the rest of their lives with each other. So, treating your bride to be, or groom to be with a special gift is a lovely way to get the marriage started, especially if the gift you are giving in an unusual one, such as engraved flutes. The c...
The Best Forms of Wedding Entertainment
Wedding gifts and wedding favours can be overrated at times, especially on the wedding day when there is so much going on! There are so many great ideas for wedding entertainment you’ll be spoiled for choice...

Arrival Of The Bride
At the point when the bride’s big day begins, it is great to have some wedding entertainment to...
Give an Engraved Frame as a Bride and Groom Gift
If there is a day in life that many married couples will never forget, it’s their wedding day. Even if the big day from start to finish goes by in a mad whirl; it is still often a day when the bride and groom will make special memories to last a life time, which though fresh at the time might fade over time. It is therefore a fabulous idea if you a...
A Gift More Special Than a Zippo Lighter
It is certainly going to be difficult to improve upon the gift of a branded Zippo lighter in all honesty, but why not consider getting an engraved Zippo lighter that is personalised with the recipient’s name or a personal engraved message to mark a special event or occasion, such as your wedding day?'s personalisation software. You can watch the faces...
Have a Champagne Flutes Fountain on your Wedding Day
Champagne fountains can often be found as the centerpiece of entertainment at wedding receptions, engagement parties and the annual office party. This is possibly because a champagne fountain provides an exciting way to toast and celebrate the happy event or special occasion. A champagne fountain consists of numerous layers of carefully arranged ch...
Give Champagne Gifts for Bride and Groom
The bride and groom are the most important members of the bridal party, because without them there would obviously be no wedding! The bride and groom will have spent months and even years preparing to spend their special day with you and so giving a champagne gift to help them celebrate their wedding day long after it is finished makes perfect sens...
How to Choose Champagne for Your Wedding Reception
Champagne is the official toasting drink found at weddings. Usually it is the job of the best man to stand up in front of the wedding guests and bridal party to toast the newlyweds with a glass of champagne. If you are looking for champagne or sparkling wine to toast at your wedding reception, then think about the things below first.

Shop for Wedding Frames
We already know that weddings are a time to celebrate the union of a bride and a groom for the rest of their lives. For this very special occasion it is only fitting to give an equally special wedding gift to allow the bride and groom to remember their wedding day for the rest of their lives. Not only are the emotional memories important, but these...
The Perfect Champagne Gift Set
Do you want to give a champagne gift set as a wedding present or an engagement gift, but have no idea where to start? Well, view the tips below, which aim to help you select the perfect champagne gift set for your intended gift recipient.

To start, think about whether you would like a personalised champagne gift set or a more standard bo...
Shop for a Champagne Set as a Wedding Gift
Have you been invited to a wedding this spring, summer, autumn or winter? If you have, you may be wondering about what wedding present you will buy for the happy bride and groom. If so, view the suggestions for champagne set gifts below to help find the perfect champagne gift for weddings.

If you like to drink sparkling wine and champagn...
Give the Perfect Wedding Gift
You would think looking for the perfect wedding gift would be a simple job; with all the shops on the high street and the furore of online gift shops popping up on an almost hourly basis. However, I am sure that you, as well as other people out there (including myself) often worry upon receiving a wedding invitation on what wedding gifts to ...
How To Make A Simple Wedding Invitation
Weddings are an expensive affair anyway, but sometimes it's nice to add that personal touch to your wedding by doing something "yourself" rather then hiring the job out to another company. Wedding invitations is one of these things. By making your own wedding invitations you are making your guest feel that their presence at your wedding will make y...
Top 5 Champagne Gifts for Bride
If you are looking at giving champagne gifts, it means you probably want to give a present to help celebrate a fairly special occasion; I would imagine something like a birthday, graduation, a wedding, an engagement or even an anniversary perhaps?

If so, we at WeddingGifts2U believe that champagne gifts are definitely the way forward. Ho...
The Luxury Gift of Dom Perignon
Dom Perignon is a great gift idea for weddings, it makes a fantastic present for bridesmaids, ushers, the best man and the happy couple. Dom Perignon is on of the most famous brands of champagne available and thus is status and prestige makes it a gift that someone w...
Beautiful Cristal Champagne
Cristal was first produced in 1876 in Russia for Tsar Alexander II, who required champagne to be made in a clear bottle, as he was weary of someone putting weapons inside his much-loved traditionally green bell shaped champagne bottles, which were easily able to hide any contents inside very well. In order for clear bottles to be made, a Flemish gl...
Anyone for Cristal Champagne
I for one have only ever come across the term Cristal champagne when listening to lyrics in rap songs, for example in Jay Z’s “It’s a Hard Knock Life” album, which suggests that the brand is highly associated with hip hop culture. After a bit of initial research it became apparent that this is quite true. However, let’s start at the beginning. 02/04/2010
Moet Champagne Bottles in Style and Size
As you may well know, Moët et Chandon champagne was the first brand of bubbly to go international in 1790 with the help of Jean Rémy Moët, since then the company has increased its market share, with it being one of the most well known champagne brands in the world. An important factor in this evolution is the number and style of products the compan...
Crack open a bottle of Dom Perignon
Have you ever wondered how to open a bottle of champagne? It can be a bit tricky anyway.... but what about when you need to open a really expensive bottle? You definately do not want the champagne of a bottle of Dom Perignon to be pouring any where but in the champagne flute! Realising this we have found a help video about how to open a bottle of s...
Drink Dom Perignon from the finest Champagne Flutes
As mentioned previously Dom Pérignon is a famous champagne first produced by a French Benedictine monk in the 17th Century. As legend and truth both have it, Dom Pérignon was consumed from champagne glasses by kings and members of the Army since early in it’s production, and has therefore been associated with prestige, fame and power from the very ...
Why Give Dom Perignon as a Champagne Gift
Who hasn’t heard of Dom Pérignon? If you haven’t then I must say that you are probably in the minority! Whether you are aware of this brand or not, Dom Pérignon is a world renowned branded champagne originally from Hautvillers, France and this article aims to explain why it should be given as a 30/03/2010
History of Champagne
Champagne is a world renowned sparkling wine produced by inducing the in-bottle secondary fermentation of the wine to produce carbon dioxide, which creates the tiny bubbles found in the sparkling wine. Champagne is produced entirely within the Champagne region in the north east of France, hence the name.

There are three primary gr...
What is Sparkling Wine
Have you ever wondered what sparkling wine actually is? What types there are available on the market? Or what these are made with? Well, read on and find out right here!

What is Sparkling Wine and where did it get its name from?: Sparkling wine is possibly the most classic celebratory drink; it is created when a yeast and sugar solut...
All About Cava, The Sparkling Wine
Have you ever wanted to know what Cava is, where it comes from and what it is made with? Well, if you have in the past or would just like to know for interest, you can find out right here. Just read on....

Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine predominantly made in the Penedès region of Catalonia, which is roughly 25 miles south of Barcelona....
Why is Champagne so Expensive
A glass of champagne is one of those refreshing drinks that can be sipped anytime throughout a long day. The light, fresh taste and fruity bubbles in the mouth will complement a light lunch as well as brunch very nicely. The juicy acidity makes it a fabulous choice with dinner; and the bright flavours make it an ideal alternative to whisky or brand...
Champagne Bottle Sizes
Champagne comes in varying bottle sizes and each one falls into it's own personal price bracket. Champagne is an expensive gift so depending on your budget that might influence the type of champagne gifts that you buy. We've done a quick video about the different champagne bo...
How is Champagne Made
For those of you who have ever wondered how champagne is made, we have found this great video that explains it all for you. It's simple and easy to understand and I think it definately makes you realise why champagne is so expensive. For one bottle there is a lot of work that goes into it, even in large scale production. So everytime you give a 23/03/2010
Champagne Flutes Video
To give you an idea of the types of champagne flutes that are available we recorded a quick video so that you could see our range of flutes. Champagne flutes make a great gift that the happy couple can cherish for years to come. We also offer a range of anniversary flutes and birthday flutes too which are great gift ideas.

23/03/2010Champagne Toasting Flutes and their Significance for Celebrations
Cheers! When I hear that phrase, two things come in to my mind. Firstly, the show, Cheers! that used to be on TV, basically because I have always enjoyed being a bit of a couch potato, I mean what better way to pass your late teen years than watching an American sit-com based in...
Celebrity Bridesmaids
Many celebrity brides like to have another celebrity by their side as their bridesmaid; it’s the ultimate accessory – second only to having your own daughter as flower girl! Of course, even non-celebrity brides sometimes have celebrity friends, but having a celebrity bridesmaid can take the limelight of the bride just a little – like when actress K...
Hen Night Dos and Do Nots
As chief bridesmaid it is your job to organise the perfect hen night – no pressure then! Hen nights can be just as raucous as stag parties – no doubt the bride is already having nightmares about being decked out in L plates and forced to dance on tables. Or maybe not... Follow our fool-proof dos and do nots to give the bride to be a hen night to re...
African Wedding Traditions
The large and varied continent of Africa contains some of the oldest civilizations on earth. Its colourful diversity of religions and cultures make it a lively and interesting place, with a wealth of fascinating wedding and marriage traditions. Traditionally, wedding presents for the bride and groom are hand-crafted and carry the message of love an...
Choosing Your Best Man
The Best Man is a responsible member of the bridal party, why not find one who is best placed with our tips here.
How To Be A Great Bridesmaid
Being asked to be a bridesmaid is almost as exciting as being the bride herself – almost, but not quite! A bridesmaid is usually someone close to the bride – a sister or close friend – and as such her involvement with the wedding, and support of the marriage, is really important.

During the hectic, often stressful, run up to the wedding...
Stag Night Dos and Do Nots
Read our list of Dos and Do Nots to help you prepare for your mates stag night!
Planning The Perfect Hen Night
Traditionally, the planning of the hen night is the responsibility of the chief bridesmaid – but these days the planning can just as easily fall on friends and family of the bride, particularly if the chief bridesmaid is young or lives a distance away from the venue. The hen night is all about celebrating that all-important last night or last few w...

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