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Engraved Gifts for the Groom and Stags on the Stag Weekend

These days a stag night is often considered ‘old hat’, or at least a bit tame. Stag weekends are all the rage, with many companies specialising in organising the whole shebang for you – at a price, of course.

With our help, the best man can arrange the stag weekend from start to finish himself as well as get some great engraved gifts for the groom and the stags – read on for our special stag weekend guide...

Home or Abroad?

The first decision to be made is whether to hold your stag weekend in the UK or abroad. Destinations such as Barcelona, Dublin and Prague are popular, as are far-flung locations like Las Vegas. A stag weekend abroad will obviously cost a lot more than one held at home, so the first thing to check out is the budget of the groom and stag guests. Don’t forget to book your trip well in advance, especially if travelling abroad. Do all the stag goers have passports? Give them plenty of time to sort out the travel arrangements. Make sure you have plenty of time to sort the engraved gifts out too, you don’t want to leave it until the last minute and worry yourself too much wondering if the engraved gifts will arrive before you leave!

UK Hot Spots

If you are holding your stag weekend in the UK, there are many hot destinations to choose from. Places like Torquay and Oxford are catching up with old favourites Manchester, Newcastle and London. Try to choose a destination that is unfamiliar to everyone – or familiar to everyone – so you are all in the same boat. You could give your engraved gifts to the groom at the beginning of the weekend or at the end of the weekend, it’s entirely up to you!

Stag Activities

The best man can do a quick check of the activities the stag guests are up for – remembering to check with the groom for his likes and dislikes. More laid-back activities include horse racing, clay pigeon shooting, brewery tours or deep sea fishing. For the more athletic stag goers there’s water rafting, go-karting, paintballing or quad biking. Evening entertainment can include a medieval banquet, a night at the casino or a comedy club. And for those who like their stag weekend to be as raucous as possible, there is always the stripper option. Don’t arrange a stripper unless you’ve checked with the groom first, of course. You may find it hilarious, but it is his night.

Groom Gifts and Stag Gifts

To round off your stag weekend it’s a good idea for the best man to organise some memorable gifts for the groom and stag guests – personalised gifts or engraved gifts, such as an engraved pen to present as class="purplelarge">Groom Gifts, you could also give engraved pens or personalised pen sets to the stags too to take away and help them remember the fantastic weekend they’ve just had. There are a multitude of personalised pens and engraved pens to choose from, you could pick a double engraved pen set as groom gifts, as well as perhaps an engraved twist pen for stag gifts. If everyone clubs together, the cost of the gifts can be absorbed into the overall weekend budget – and everyone gets a keepsake of a fantastic weekend.

Enjoy the stag weekend, have fun and get an engraved gift for the groom and the rest of the stags to keep and help remember the weekend for years to come – we think engraved pens will definitely work the magic!
Date posted: 30/06/2010

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